How to block someone on Pinterest in 2022 (step by step)

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How to block someone on Pinterest

Step 1:

Log in to Pinterest account to start the procedure

Step 2:

Visit the profile of the Pinterest user you wish to block.

Step 3:

Click the three horizontal dots on the upper left corner of their profile board to open a drop down menu.

block on pinterest

Step 4:

In the dropdown menu that appears, click the Block button to block that user.

block pinterest

Step 5:

A message will appear asking permission from you to complete this action. Click Block again to complete the process and block the user.

block someone on pinterest

Blocking someone on Pinterest is really simple a process. Blocking someone will prevent them from sending you messages and comments but it won’t stop a user from viewing your profile. Just remember that blocking a user doesn’t make a post any less public, so if you’re pinning something you don’t want the general public to know about, pin to a secret board. 


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