What is Pinterest used for & Its General uses

The applications of social media play an important and distinct role nowadays. These applications serve mankind with their unique and different features. We get many types of information such as from Youtube we find every type of material about studies, daily used items, any type of tips and tricks. These all awesome apps play their role in expanding the social media world.

This article is about the uses of the best and beneficiary app called Pinterest. In which ways we can use this app. Or we can say that what is Pinterest used for? Stay with us to understand the uses of this app and you will see that this app is really helpful for everyone.

Before study its uses, let’s have a look at its short introduction, which includes the main purpose of this app.

Pinterest is an image and media sharing service that is designed to enable the saving and finding of information on the internet by using pictures, GIFs, and videos in the form of Pins. In this app, with billion pins on Pinterest, people will always find ideas to glimmer inspiration.

This is a very interesting and helpful app for everyone. It is the platform to explore inspiration. You can discover new ideas about anything. Save the images, GIFs, and videos which inspire you. From this platform, you can also buy things of your needs. Wow! Now you don’t need to waste your time in shopping malls and markets when the huge market is available at your doorstep.

General Uses Of The Pinterest

On Pinterest, people can discover tips for weddings, you can get inspiration about beauty, designs, and beauty tutorials for your parties and other great occasions. The people who love cooking can also read the new trendy recipes and then you can try these recipes at home. Share your recipes with pins and get feedback on your home feed.

People who want to lose weight can see the tips of weight loss and workout tutorials also get workout tips for their fitness. This is a very vital platform to live up-to-date life with trendy and new styles.

Pinterest Use For Shopping Purpose

This app plays an important role in expanding businesses. This is helpful also for retailers, which can create pages to promote their companies. It is just like an online or virtual storefront.

Pinterest introduced its new unique tool named Rich Pins, to increase the experience of consumers. The pages of business include data, information, and topics. The major information comprises the prices of products, ingredients for several kinds of recipes, and also the rating of movies.

You can also get things from Pinterest. In June 2015, this app divulged Buyable Pins with the help of these pins users can purchase things directly from Pinterest. After months this function name was replaced by Product Pins. It also adds catalogs and shopping recommendations.

Pinterest Used For Business Purpose

Pinterest is not an ordinary social media application. It is a very large network known for its reliable services. The people who run a small business can expand their business by marketing their products and services through engrossing images and colorful infographics.

Increase Your Brand Awareness

To run any type of business you have to be present everywhere online. The purpose of this to spread awareness about your brand across the internet. Now you can do it with the usage of a Pinterest account. From this account, you can always within touch with your customers and your section of the business.

Add Traffic To Your Business Website

Pinterest is an awesome traffic driver. You can find links in every pin. These are very useful links for joining the business site for shopping or any other purpose. The key to increasing the clicks on your website is by creating beautiful and informative content and share them.

Promotions Of Business

We all know, the best thing in life is free. You have to just set your account and start to spread the useful content all over the Pinterest application. This task indeed takes time but you don’t need to pay a single penny. The best platform where you can promote your brand and its products and website for free.

Pins And Rich Pins

To gain a large amount of traffic to your website. You will need to pin often. It is just like the Facebook strategy where you update posts for your friends. You have to think of your Pins as the breadcrumbs prime the way back to your website.

The customer’s reviews and searching about your website depends on your post and blogs content which is helpful for your field of business. The lifespan of the pins is much longer so you have to pin away.

Pinterest Use In Education

It is a tool that is introduced in the classroom for study purposes. Pinterest is an electronic pinboard and sharing website that allows people to manage, share and create images and also share them around the website. It is a very great tool for virtual and online learning.

For Presentation And Reports

Students use the Pinterest app for getting images and videos according to the topic for their presentations and projects. If students are together in a project then they can create a group board. From this group, they can collaborate with every member of a Pinterest group. Students can keep their ideas about the project in one spot. Pinterest allows us to find different ideas, images, artwork, and quotes for presentation.

Lesson Plan For Faculty

Pinterest helps to share the lesson resources with students. Lesson references can share with students via the pin boards of Pinterest. Teachers can also get more information about their subject and topic for lecture and then share it with students in the classroom.

With the use of visual study, students get more involved in their studies.

Sharing Ideas

This app is a perfect place for sharing ideas with the same profession, hobby, and trade. It is the best way to collaborate with people having the same interest. It is an educational tool and being interactive, it would be a good tool for student and teacher-parent relations.

Used by Scammers

The social engineering of this app is used by scammers for surveys. Scam pictures often branded with the finest companies that are Starbucks, offer incentives like gift cards to finish the survey. Once the link is clicked, present in the description users is taken to the site and asked for re-pin the scam picture.


From the above information, we understand that Pinterest is very useful in many fields of the modern age. So what do we have to do? To benefit from this app download it and become a member of Pinterest to explore ideas, get inspiration, and share your ideas with other people.

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