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Note: To download, right-click on the download button (or tap and hold if using a mobile) and choose the Save/Download option.

About Pinterest Video Downloader

Pinterest is one of the most renowned forums that share numerous videos and images according to your interest. However, when you browse a particular video or picture and find one that meets your requirements, you don’t think for a while and click on it to download. But, when you want to download anything from Pinterest, it doesn’t allow the user to do so. Since Pinterest offers millions of unique videos and images that are unavailable on YouTube and are not used by any website before. But the question is how can you download videos and pictures from the Pinterest platform?

If you are wondering the same question, this article is explicitly written to provide you with the best solution, i.e. Pinterest Video Downloader. This free-of-cost tool helps you download any form of stuff available on Pinterest and upload them anywhere you want. Let’s explore more about this tool and its several benefits.

Follow 3 Simplest Steps to use the Fascinating Tool

Using Pinterest video downloader is extremely easy to use. This amazingly attractive tool is admired by everyone who wanted to download stuff from Pinterest before but was unable to do. However, below are the three simplest steps to use Pinterest video downloader.

1.Explore video on Pinterest

Select any video of your choice

2. Copy the Video URL

Paste in the required field above

3. Click Download Now

Save video to your device

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social networking website that is used broadly by many users for the latest videos and images. On this platform, you get all the information about the searched keyword, and when you click on the video or picture, it is addressed to the main website. Pinterest is used by millions of users globally. However, one downfall you may encounter is that you cannot download these files directly to your device. But you can share it by copying the link and sending it to the second party you want to share with.

As you cannot download the files from Pinterest, that’s why Pinterest videos downloader has been launched to make your work more straightforward.

What is Pinterest Video Downloader?

Pinterestvideodownloaders is a free online downloading tool that is used to download the images, videos, and GIFs from the Pinterest forum to directly your computer or mobile. With the Pinterest video downloader tool, you can save ultra-high quality files in MP4 format as well as images in JPG form. However, Pinterest offers various exceptional stuff; it does not allow its users to download it on their device. Thus, a Pinterest video downloader is developed to help you with this problem and stimulate your work. Pinterest video downloader is an excellent tool for those who want to download images and videos from Pinterest in an easy-peasy way.

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Download Pinterest Videos using Pinterest Video Downloader

Pinterest video downloader is a user-friendly tool that helps you get a particular video or image super quickly from Pinterest without any restrictions. Besides, to use our tool, you do not need to pay any registration fee because it is an entirely free tool. To download Pinterest videos and images online precisely, Above are the steps to follow.

Download via Android and iOS Devices

  • First of all, install the Pinterest application for fast and precise results.
  • Open the app and choose the video that you want to download.
  • In the top right or bottom right corner, you would see the icon of three dots in the app. The location of the icon varies as per the version of the application. Tap on that icon and copy the link to that video.
  • Open browser, and visit Pinterest video downloader, paste the copied link in the given domain, and click on ‘Download’.
  • After tapping, you will see the preview of the downloaded file and a download button again—tap on the button.
  • After some time, your file would be saved to your device.
You can also use the Pinterest website in your mobile browser, but the application makes the process easier and simpler.

Download through Desktop or Laptops

Downloading Pinterest videos can vary if you are using a laptop/computer/desktop or /android/iOS mobile phone. That’s why, in order to help you out, I have also discussed the process of downloading Pinterest videos on the desktop in detail.

The process of using a Pinterest video downloader on your computer is the same but, you can use the website for this procedure easily.

  • Open the website in the browser of your laptop.
  • Go in the search box and insert the primary keyword that you want to search.
  • You would get multiple results of images and videos.
  • Open the video list separately and select the most suitable one that you are looking for.
  • Click on that particular video; your video will be open. Click on the send button, and a pop-up will open, and you will get the option of ‘copy link.’
  • Click on the ‘copy link’, and now you have a link copied.
  • Now in another tab, open the Pinterest video downloader, paste the link in the given domain, and click on the download button.
  • Again you would get an option of ‘download link,’ click on it, and your video will start saving.
  • Once it is saved, you can open it on your device and use it for any purpose.
In 2019, Pinterest became the third most prominent and popular social network in the US that beat Snapchat. After Facebook and Instagram, Pinterest had 88 million active users monthly that year.

6 Incredible Gains of Using Pinterest Video Downloader

An enthralling part of using the Pinterest video downloader tool is that it is totally free of cost, and it does not ask to sign up or log in to download the videos from Pinterest. All you need is just paste the copied link, and with a single click, your file would be on your device. With the Pinterest video downloader, you would get numerous benefits which are discussed below:

1.    Saves videos in HD format

You would be able to download your file in Ultra-HD from 720p to 1080p formats in MP4 form.

2.    No third party app is required

To download the Pinterest video, you don’t need to install any extra app. Although it is a suggestion to use the Pinterest application, that is not crucial mainly. You can use the Pinterest website and get your video downloaded.

3.    Compatible with multiple devices

The Pinterest video downloading tool is compatible with multiple devices such as laptops, computers, iOS, and android mobiles.

4.    Supports every browser

You can use this tool in any browser; that’s why it is called an all browsers supported tool. You can use Mozilla FirefoxMicrosoft EdgeGoogle Chrome, and so on.

5.    No registration or fee is required.

As discussed earlier, the Pinterest video downloader is a free-of-cost tool that neither requires any registration fee nor any account to sign up.

6.    Also capable of downloading other files

Not only videos, but you can also download the images and GIFs in HD format using the Pinterest video downloader. These files would be saved in JPG and GIF format.

Frequently Asked Questions – (FAQs)

Is Pinterest video downloader a free tool?
Yes! The Pinterest video downloader is a 100% free of cost tool that does not require a single penny from the user..
Why should I download videos from Pinterest Video Downloader?
We provide the best service for downloading HD videos and images. With the Pinterest video downloader, you would get your videos saved in a swifter and easier way. If you want conspicuous pictures and videos for your work that is available nowhere but Pinterest, use the tool to get that video before anyone else. Concisely, you should use this tool because it delivers several benefits to the user.
Where do my videos save after downloading?
Usually, when you download a video, it saves it in the folder that is selected by your browser by default. If you do not know where your file has been downloaded, you can preview downloading history and see the file:

For a Windows computer, press Ctrl+J to preview the downloading history.
For Mac computer, press Cmd+Shift+J to see the downloading history.
If you are using a smartphone, you can visit your files app and see recently downloaded files.

Can I use this tool on any device and in any browser?
Absolutely! The Pinterest video downloading tool is compatible with every device and can be supported by any browser. No matter what device or browser you use, it would download your videos in HD format.
Is it safe to download videos from a Pinterest video downloader?
Yes! Our first priority is your safety. Pinterest video downloader is a totally secure platform that offers plentiful videos and images for downloading only by pasting the link of the file that keeps your device safe.
Can I download live videos as well? How can I do that?
Probably yes! You can also download the live videos from Pinterest through this tool, but you cannot do this during the live streaming. You need to wait to finish the live stream; once it is done, you can download it by following the same process.
Does the Pinterest video downloader track the user’s information?
No! the Pinterest video downloader does not track or store the data of the user; neither your downloading activity nor your personal information. Since all videos are hosted by Pinterest servers, we do not need to store anything from the viewer’s history. Yet, if you still doubt, you can use this tool anonymously.
Do I need to register an account before starting downloading from the tool?
Unlike the Pinterest platform itself, you do not need to register an account first before going to download the files. Just visit the website of the Pinterest downloader and paste the link in the given section. There is no hassle of signing up or logging in.
Is there any restriction for downloading Pinterest videos?
No! there is no limitation to download Pinterest videos; you can download unlimited videos and pictures from the Pinterest platform without requiring anything. Just copy the link, paste it, and download multiple videos sequentially without any restriction.
save the GIF files.
In which formats would I get my files?
You would get the video files in MP4 format.
For images and pictures, the file would be saved in JPG format.
You can also save the GIF files.

Bottom Line

I hope you have understood everything about Pinterest video downloaders. There is no limitation to using this tool. Also, the tool is not paid either; it asks for any registration. Now you can enjoy HD videos and pictures from Pinterest and use them for your business or any purpose you want. With the Pinterest video downloader, you would get multiple advantages that are mentioned above. This platform is straightforward to access and use that can be used to download various files one after another. Another gain of this tool is that it does not require user’s information, so you can use this forum anonymously if you are doubtful about anything. For more information, head towards our frequently asked questions and get your files saved. You can also Try Youtube Video Downloader or Fb Reels Downloader.